What came first: The chicken or the egg?

Although this could be called a children's paradox, thinking about it can open up insights into different ways of thinking and the origin of life or matter.

The question

Chickens come out of eggs, and chickens lay eggs out of which a new chicken is born.

The theological answer

(Meant here is the Judean/Christian/Muslim monotheistic theology.) God created all animals in one day, so the chicken too. There is no talk of god creating eggs, so the theological answer must be that the chicken came first, after which the chicken laid an egg.

The evolutionist answer

If we go back the line of evolution, chickens go all the way back to one-celled organisms, so the answer would lie in the way "egg" is defined: by form or by function. If we regard an egg as an embryo, disregarding for example the hard, calcium shell, the "egg" as an out-of-the-body embryo, the question arises: Did the ancestors of birds ever reproduce in another way than by laying eggs? If not: the answer would be: The egg came before the chicken. If so: the chicken came first. That is, if we could still regard the ancestors of chickens as chickens.

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