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Template:L. paradoxis, from Greek: παράδοξος (paradoxos), "aside belief"


  1. An apparently true statement that appears to lead to a contradiction or to circumstances that defy intuition.
    Not having a fashion is a fashion; that's a paradox.
  2. Template:Logic A self-contradictory statement.
    "This sentence is false" is a paradox.
  3. a person or thing showing contradictory properties
    He is a paradox, you would not expect him in that political party.
  4. A statement that leads to an infinite and instant contradiction.
    If a court ruled that common law no longer existed, then the only thing that made that ruling binding was common law, which means that the ruling instantly destroys what lets it exist, which means it no longer exists, which means common law can exist again, which means the ruling can exist again, which means common law doesnt exist anymore because of the ruling, which means the ruling doesnt exist, etc.

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