This page is all about the Paradoxology.


This site is an opportunity to have a meeting of the minds concerning one of the most fascinating aspects of civilizations across history: the paradox. There have been many proposed as well as their "resolutions" and still they intrigue us. They almost make sense. For some of them, we find a perspective from which they DO make sense. We see how they could come to pass and be dealt with decisively. Even so, they continue to occupy our thoughts, proposing the "impossible".
This site is a forum in which anyone can offer their experience and/or thoughts regarding any paradox or other contradiction. All thoughts are welcome. We intend this space to be safe from verbal attack or abuse and ask that contributors refrain from profanity and "flaming". Whatever your "axe to grind" we want all positions to be dealt with as if in a public debate, with all the formal responsibility such debate entails.
Finally, we hope this forum creates an atmosphere in which ideas can be developed and brought out for all to see and contemplate. Let it be recognized that there may be a fine line between a logically inconsistent thought and silliness. We think impossible things every day. But we don't want the discussion to de-evolve into silliness and randomness.
Whatever your philosophical bent, or chosen discipline, if you have a paradox, we'd love to have it to add to the repository. We think that in a way, the study of paradoxes can lead to wisdom and insight. So welcome. Did you know that 1 = 2 ?

Basic information about this project is available at Wikia:Paradox.