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This user has left wikia and all of it's wikis.
Why paradox as a topic?
I have always been totally puzzled by life and by what people call reality. I've been an amateur filosofer all my life and religion, mythology, philosophy and all endeavours to explain the great mystery of existence have had my special interest
So.... why paradoxes?
I believe that there is something wrong with the way our minds work.
I think that the mind and our senses play tricks on us and we are fooled into beleiving that what we see and believe to be the world is the true state of things.
To come to grips with the enourmous amount of information our senses are bombarded with every second, we are molded into a way of interpreting what we percieve. It is a narrowing of reality to a set of concepts which we can handle and think about.
I believe that reality is different for everyone, due to this arbitrary way of "fixing" what in reality is fluid. We suppose fixed "objects" where everything is in transformation. We label every occurence according to memory and imprint.
One of our most important tools to handle "reality" and be able to communicate with other people is what we call "logic".
But i believe there is something wrong with logic.
#labelling things is not only clarifying, it is also a veil, to hide the fact that we actually don't know what the reality behind the concept is.
(I'll go on later)
I am Dutch, which means English is not my native lingo. Please feel free to correct any of my texts, which (i'm sure) will sometimes contain strange words and/or strange formulations of sentences (Like this one?)
I am an active contributor to the following Wikis:
* (which is my pride and joy. I have [ admin status] here.
This Paradox-wiki has just been created on July the 26th 2007. This page will be very chaotic for a while, for it'll be a depository of stuff i'm working on. It'll be links and catchfrases, so don't be alarmed if the content seems meaningless. It's not to me.

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This user has left wikia and all of it's wikis.