Hello. This wiki was created by MathPoet and me, to be a philosophical site about paradoxes, a puzzling and intriguing concept in logic, science and daily life.

While the site was being built up, people came to help us and we were slowly on our way to get a few articles and an outline of the site, when a wikia janitor came and made a direct redirect of his user- and his talk page to wikia-central. I didn't think this a good idea, because i felt that discussions concerning paradox/paradoxes should stay on this site and not be shattered all over wikia. S So i asked him three times to change his page. he didn't react to that, even when i talked to him on the wikia-irc channel. so i changed his user and talkpage. He undid that. i undid that again an told him the reason. then he undid my undoing and then i blocked him for a day. This caused quite an unrest and the same day i had a tal with Catherine I was told that it was not common, but that we were free to make our own policy, since there were no wikia-guidelines about redirects.

So i unblocked the wikia janitor and set up a rule in the policy (after talking to MathPoet of course) that redirects like that were a nono here.

Then everything was alright for a few days, until Manticore came into the picture. he apparently talked a few people into making the same redirect pages that were ruled out by above mentioned proceedings. I undid those, told everyone the reason and gave one user a warning when he reverted my adaptation. After this had quieted down, Manticore started accusing me of sysop-abuse and he banned me from the Uncyclopedia irc-channel. i tried to get support from wiki staff, but this person, also a janitor kept stalking me and blocking me from the channels.

So then i decided this was no fun and i quit. I asked Catherine to take my sysop/mod/admin/burocrat-rights away, and she did.

I also left another site, irratiopedia, also cofounded by me, because i did not want to work for an organisation like wikia, where the writers and makers of a site are dependent on people that don't have anything to do with the topic the site is about.

So now this site is dead i see, and also irratiopedia. they are both dead wikis, and i want to thank Manticore for this. Way to go, buddy! You will go a long way.

Now i also see this new skin and i am even more glad i left wikia. It looks like a bloody funeral advertisement. Bye bye so called wikia community. Have fun without me. Shame on you, making profit over volunteer writers and editors and making them feel they should be grateful an indebted to you. No sir or madam. It is the writers that start wikis. Not the organisation. {{SUBST:Bruger:D. G. Neree/sig}} 13:04, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

I am sure that this user/janitor Manticore is much more capable than i am, so i will let him be responsible for the wikia proceedings here. isn't that a paradox?